• TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Tick And Flea Repeller  Purple

TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Tick And Flea Repeller Purple

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Recommended Use

Get the pet free of all ticks and flea before using the product. Remove
the plastic tab to connect the
lithium battery already present (not replaceable). Four flashes shows that the device is on. After being connected, battery life is about one year. To see if TickLess Pet is still operating, press the button and check that the light still flashes.

Fit TickLess Pet onto your pet’s collar with the slits facing the direction of your pet’s body.Once you remove the tab, the device goes into operation without need for further adjustments. It’s as easy as that! The lithium battery lasts from 10 to 12 months; the length of a full flea and tick season.

Contact with Water

The Tickless Pet Pendant is waterproof and may be submerged in water, but to prevent possible long-term damage it is best to remove it before bathing or swimming when possible. When the pendant does get wet, please dry it afterwards with a towel or cloth or hair dryer on medium heat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Does it protect the back of the pet while wearing the collar?

Answer - ! Ultrasound surrounds the body of the Pet within 1.5 metre.

Question - My dog can hear ultrasound, does it bother him?

Answer - No! Dogs can realize ultrasound between 25-30 KHz, TickLess is working with 40 KHz.

Question - Is it waterproof?

Answer - No! It is drop proof, but if your dog goes accidently into water, dry the device with a hairdryer.

Question - Is it okay if I wear it in my jacket or place it under the dogs jacket?

Answer - No! Do not cover the devices the ultrasound will not come out. 

Question - Can I change the battery?

Answer - No! Tickless is a closed system, so once you try to change the batter the effectiveness is not guaranteed anymore!

Question - Is it okay if I put it on my dogs only during walks?

No! Tickless is effective against ticks and fleas, but while ticks are outside your home, fleas are inside. Fleas are laying their eggs always close to the host, so close to the place where your dog is sleeping. Your dog or cat must wear it always to keep the effectiveness!

TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Repellent is a small electronic device, in the form of a pendant, that attaches to your pet’s collar. Completely non-toxic, uses no chemicals or foul odours, but works by emitting a series of ultrasonic sound waves that are harmless and imperceptible to both you and your pets, but that disturb ticks and fleas,repelling them from pets and keeping them away for the life of the battery. The battery lasts for 10 to 12 months. That’s the length of an entire flea & tick season!

TickLess technology underwent rigorous testing and was proven effective by a clinical study at the School of Veterinary Medical Sciences at the University of Camerino, Italy.

Can be used for any sizes / breeds. 




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