• HUFT Organic Lavender Oil For Dogs

HUFT Organic Lavender Oil For Dogs

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Heads Up For Tails Organic Lavender oil to calm your restless pooch.

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you know that feeling nervous and stressed can become overwhelming, even debilitating, at times. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for pets to also experience anxiety, and just as with humans, there are varying degrees and manifestations of the emotion. It can be extremely difficult for any pet parent to watch their dog suffer from anxiety.

Some common causes of anxiety include past abuse, loud noises (like thunder), medical problems or other animals.
Ingredients: Organic Lavender essential oil

Benefits: Calming, Anti-itch, Helps with car ride anxiety and car sickness, Anti-bacterial

Direction for use:

Lavender oil is specifically formulated for pets that utilises the calming properties of aromatherapy. Rub the oil in between your hands and pat your palms along your dogs back – just be sure he can’t reach where you applied the pet-safe oils so that he won’t lick anything off. Always follow the label instructions for proper use.
Also can be used in a diffuser/add few drops to distilled water

This is handmade, natural, organic and vegan. Free from artificial colors/fragrances, alcohol, thickeners, SLS/SLES and parabens.

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