Dog Grooming Products

Do you like your doggo with a flowing golden coat? Or do you like a no-fuss short trim? Which ever it is, we have plenty of brushes, combs, shampoos and perfumes to keep your pet looking as fabulous as he does when he comes home from the groomer’s!


Dog Hair in your Décor?

Any pet parent can relate to that. We all have these special markers that our pets leave on us – a bit of fur (no matter how much you brush it off), looking at our watch to see if we’ve left our dog alone for too long and knowing exactly how to hold a dog from bounding on to the delivery person while simultaneously signing for the package. To try to fix our collective woes of ‘covered in fur’ being the new design style. We have put together a range of products with which you can bathe, de-shed and brush your dog to lessen the effects of the fur-storm.

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