Dog Toys

No dog is ever too old for a toy. From interactive toys and plush toys – these bundles of fun are great for chasing, chewing and even cuddling with! From Kong, Kyjen, PetStages and more, we have put together a collection of toys that will have your pets bursting with excitement.


Play On, Fido

Hot or cold, indoors or out, playing is one of our canine companions’ favourite things to do! Playing with you and with other dogs is an important part of a puppy’s behavioural development. When they play too rough, another dog will give them a nip, making sure they don’t make the same mistake twice. This is how they learn proper dog etiquette. Playing with you is not only good for them physically, but also helps them mentally. Even a simple game of tugging on a rope can be beneficial. Plus, this is what dogs see as bonding with their owners. Besides being, good, clean, fun – playing with your dogs is a great way for them to express their natural behaviour. It makes for a good mental break and relieve stress as well. Without regular exercise and playtime, dogs have a lot of pent-up energy and often result in being destructive at home. There also tends to be an increase in jumping and anxiety. Regular exercise with one-on-one playtime with you should ease these problems. Dogs love playing so much that many even try to extend playtime in a number of ways (like refusing to return the stick you threw).

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