Cat Housebreaking,Training & Behavior-Aids

Thought puppy pee was your only problem? Kittens need to be housebroken too! Patient and consistent house breaking is just the groundwork your kitten needs for a lifetime of hygiene. Invest in good-quality training (and cleaning up) aids to make this process easy on both you and your kitty!


Getting Kitty Litter-Friendly

Kittens are often a breeze to house train. Their natural instincts persuade them to find a place where they can comfortably bury their business. And if you have a litter box kept ready, most likely, they will automatically go there to do their business. Older cats often just need to be shown the litter box once and they will remember where it is. But kittens may not remember quite so easily. So for the first couple of weeks, try to keep the kitten as close to the box as possible. Instead of letting him or her roam the entire house, restrict access to only a couple of rooms. Once the kitten gets used to using the litter box, he or she will always look for it in the future.

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