Need a feeder to suit your fine-feathered friend? Browse through this range and choose one that suits your bird. Small or big, wide or narrow, keep your pet bird happy with a bowl full of seeds and fresh water.


Picky about Food?

Birds in the wild are happy to pick fruit off trees and find burrowing insects in the sand or in tree-barks. These smart cookies have to find and hunt for their food. At home as pets, these instincts are often nullified because they are served food at mealtimes without having to use their smarts to get at their food. However, by choosing from the variety of pet feeders that are available in the market, you can make mealtimes for your pet as exciting as it is in the wild. These feeders have been constructed in a range of durable and easy to maintain materials including plastic and metal. You should always have fresh water available for your pet bird.

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