Meera Ashar-

I've been associated with Paws now Tail Lovers Company for 6+ years. I'm a very satisfied customers. It's not just top of the line...read more

Miriam Macwama -

As chessy as it may sound.. Whoopi (my three year old black Lab) is my baby and I want only the best for her. That's why Tail Lovers Company is my...read more

Sabrina Suhail - Make up artist -

Tail Lovers Company has always been my pet survival- kit! Because of my hectic work schedule, I call Ridhima or Sandeep and they deliver ...read more

Nikki Ponappa - Pro Golfer India -

This is the apple,carrot,banana etc of my eye Alfred Poker, whose coat and "fab figure" is thanks to the fantastic diet advice of The Tail Lover...read more


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